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Thurlby Parish Council - Welcome

On the 8th June 2009 we were awarded Quality Status which is something we are immensly proud of. The Clerk is now qualified and has obtained a Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA). He has also obtained another part of the qualification which relates to the Power of Well Being. This is something which we will give due consideration to if we feel that we would like to take advantage of using this power. We will publicise our activities in the form of a newsletter and we will publish an Annual Report. We have already adopted a Local Code of Conduct and are striving to work with Partners on the provision of access points to information on services of principal Authorities and other service providers. We will strive to actively engage all parts of the Community providing vision, identity and a sense of belonging. We hope that we articulate the needs and wishes of the community and that we will work in Partnership with principal Authorities, other public service agencies and closely with voluntary groups in the community.

We now have in our possession the valauble photograph collection of the village taken by Lou Sommerfield. We are very grateful to Lou for allowing us to look after this collection and we would invite you to share our enjoyment of them by following this link to view them.

Photographs >>

Thurlby Millenium Sign