Welcome to the website of Thurlby Parish Council where we publish details, documents & news relating to the Parish and its residents. We hope this will help keep you informed of local matters relating to the council, its function and the impact and benefit to our community.

Parish Councils main governing principles are set out in the Local Government Act 1972 & in particular in Schedule 12 of that Act.  This Act sets out some of the minimum requirements for Councils in relation to meetings, conduct & documentation, such as:-

Councils must meet a minimum of 4 times/year & must keep minutes of their meetings

They must have their accounts audited in accordance with this & subsequent legislation,

Meetings must be publicly advertised in advance within the area served by the Council and

Councillors must, on taking office formally agree to be bound by a new Code of Conduct

Local Council meetings must be open to the Press & Public, but meetings can be closed to both if in the Councils opinion‚Äėpublicity would be prejudicial to the public interest.
News Items:
Thurlby Neighbourhood Plan-Information Statement

Notice of Referendum of Thurlby Neighbourhood Plan.

Thurlby Neighbourhood Plan Referendum -Information for Voters
Proposed new SKDC Local Plan
Sections 1 and 2 on the Annual Return.
Section 3 on the Annual Return.
Notice of Conclusion of Audit
Images of Thurlby from a bygone age!